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Remote Learning

Remote Learning Information

All children have been sent details for Microsoft TEAMs. Please see Code of Conduct for Pupils and Parents. TEAMs will be used by all children, whether school is open or partially closed.


In the event of school closure, or for families who are self-isolating, we have put together the following useful 'Remote Learning Resource Packs' and links to websites.


Websites that children are familiar with- children should have their log-in details, if not  please contact the school office.

Reading at Home Lockdown 2021

The following websites are currently offering free-access to their home-learning resources:

Explaining Coronavirus to Your Child

This story is written by a real staff nurse working through the current crisis.

It features a dog named Dave relaying his anxieties about coronavirus to an owl named Dotty, who is a nurse.

Author Molly Watts, a staff nurse on the pediatric intensive care unit at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, said she wrote the book because she wanted to provide information that was factual and child-friendly.

The story helps parents to start talking about coronavirus with their children

‘With everyone talking and worrying about what is going on I kept thinking about the impact this must be having on children,’ she said.

‘I hope the story helps parents to start a conversation with their children about coronavirus and hopefully alleviates some of their anxiety.’

We thought you might like to share it with your children during this time.

Other Useful Websites

SAT’s revision:

If your child's first language is not English, these are particularly helpful (but good for all children)