School Values

1. To provide an environment where all members of our school community are happy, enjoy school and achieve, are safe, make healthy choices and make a positive contribution to school life.


2. To provide the very best education for all of our children where each child’s ability is developed through a creative, exciting, enjoyable, skills based and challenging curriculum.


3. To develop children’s natural curiosity and help them to be excited and inspired by their learning.


4. To build children’s self-esteem in an environment of high expectations where effort is recognised and achievement is valued.


5. To actively celebrate the many, varied achievements and talents of all of our children and to contribute to the development of their future economic well being.


6. To have mutual respect in all of our relationships in order to create a secure and safe learning environment despite any religious , ethnic , cultural or socio-economic differences.


7. To ensure that high expectations of effort and best behaviour are promoted through positive experiences for all pupil groups.


8. To develop the skills for our children to become considerate and capable members of a variety of local and Global Communities whilst embracing and celebrating opportunities to develop links and create partnerships within the cultural diversity of our world.


9. To work in partnership with parents, carers, local churches and the community to raise achievement and support social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.